"Almost a year ago to the day I asked Rich Janusz, owner of Ryzart Custom Paint, for a rather large favor.

I was about to direct my first music video/epic short film whose story, which I had created, called for the two lead characters to become unwilling participants in a military experiment where weapon-like mask's would be installed onto their faces.

The experiment, of course, would go horribly wrong.

What I didn't anticipate going horribly wrong was every facet of my production. Your basic horror story of a first-time filmmaker. In a desperate attempt to save what was left of my film, I called Rich.

With two days before the big shoot, Rich took my embarrassingly unfinished mask's and created and painted a design far beyond my expectations.

Unfortunately, Rich's incredible work would not be enough to overcome the complexities of filmmaking with virtually no budget. Financing for completion is currently being sought.

To repay the favor, however, I've created this short film for Rich about how his love for art and passion for painting just about anything became his business.

This is Rich's story behind Ryzart Custom Paint.


Mike D"

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