I am honored to have captured your interest. Please read this entire section carefully before contacting me.

I absolutely love what i do. I love taking on new projects, pushing myself to try new things, and putting a smile on my clients' faces. It demands a lot of my time. I have lots to do, as well as my family and other hobbies and pursuits that all need my attention. I receive a lot of requests, and unfortunately i cannot respond to all of them. I sincerely apologize for this, but there is only so much time in a day. I choose projects that inspire me and i feel that i am best suited for, and i will respond as soon as i am able to do so. 

To get started, please email or leave me a voicemail. Send a detailed description of what you want to get. Please include : Size, placement, color choices, reference pictures, etc. along with your phone number. I will respond as soon as i can, but because of my schedule, please allow a few days for me to respond back so please be patient. Soon after, we will set up a consultation appointment so we can meet in person and discuss your ideas in finer detail.

I do not have an hourly rate but charge according to how big and detailed the project is, colors used,etc. I take a deposit for half of the total project cost up front at the time of the consultation. I also supply sketches before i paint anything and once a sketch is approved and changes have to be made thereafter an extra charge will be applied. I can also supply color renderings if need be but an extra charge will also incur to the final price as well.

I look forward to working on your exciting new project !


Email : ryzart@yahoo.com
Phone : 908-235-3172
You can also contact me via Facebook or Instagram